Thought for the Day

Always do your best……..shine your light.  Sitting quietly we can all tap into that place where we know who we are authentically.  We feel the pull to let that person show up in our life and to shine our light in the world.  Yet at times we allow people, and circumstances to dim our light.  We allow them to change how we shine our light and in doing so, we trade our authenticity for fear.  Fear that we won’t fit in, fear that we won’t be successful unless we conform.  The lies that are allowed to sink in….do the most harm.  So listen to your heart and stay true to your light, and live your life accordingly. 

Difficult times will help us to understand how infinitely rich life is and they remind us of what truly matters.  That we are here to shine our light.  That the way to overcome problems and obstacles is to slowly but surely do little things; and as you accomplish those little things it sets you up to tackle the bigger things. Liberating ourselves from fear is the greatest step we can take because the moment we can do what we fear, our fear disappears.   Then our light shines brightly and we are united with our authentic selves.  The one who dreams and acts on their dreams.  The one who lights up a room with their presence. Today let your light shine……it will be the first step on your journey home.

Rebecca Campbell said “Babies aren’t afraid to shine their light and it’s the reason why we can’t take our eyes off them.  However, as life goes on, we experience things that eventually lead us to retract or alter the way we show ourselves to the world – usually based on a belief that something must be wrong with us.  You have an authentic inner light, which has always been there and will never go away. An inner fire that no matter how dark it gets will continue flickering.  People can see it just by looking at you.  It’s that something special that they see.  It’s that spark that twinkle in your eyes.  Your light is your authentic self and you were born to shine it.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach