Thought for the Day

A good day comes to us……because we decide that it will be a good day. We all choose our thoughts and when we choose thoughts with negative energy, we can choose again.  Too often people become trapped in drama that they have created within their own minds .  They are bound by negative energy and in these moments they are inclined towards blaming life, rather than taking responsibility for their choices and their thoughts.  You see the power really does reside in you.  You can choose your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams.  You can corral positive energy and direct it towards your life.  You are the thinker in your own mind.

But you must do something far more important, once you have things straight in your mind, you must act.  You must take a step on faith and believe in yourself enough to realize your greatest desires.  On any given day, when energy is low, and your monkey mind is torturing you with worry, and concern born out of fear, you can change the trajectory of your day.  You need to take action.  You need to take those first few steps on faith….and then you will feel the day start to move with you.  Only allow yourself to visualize and feel the highest energies.  Collect your personal bounty and decide that today will be a new beginning full of love, joy, and serendipity.  Your unquestionable power rests upon your decision, your intention, and your commitment. Happiness is not your goal, it is a side effect of living your life with true awareness.

 Iyanla Vanzant said “As soon as you decide that you are going to be faith filled, joy filled, peace filled, and filled full, you are going to have a good day.  The moment you decide that you are not going to be beat down, or weighed down, put down or run down, upset or set up, you are going to have a good day.  When YOU decide in your own mind that you are going to get grounded, be centered, stay focused, have a vision, accomplish a goal, complete a mission, pursue a dream, live with purpose, you are going to have a good day. Until today, you may not have been aware that decisions fuel the spirit.”

 By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach