Thought for the Day

Always do your best……change is messy in the beginning, challenging in the middle and rewarding at the end. Usually, when we experience change in our lives, we take the attitude that it is happening to us. That it is somehow completely outside of our control. Yet how we react to change is completely inside our control. We choose our attitude, our, actions, and the energy that we put out, when we experience change. We alone decide if we are going to make change a prolonged agonizing experience, or one of learning and growth. We are also modeling behaviour for others around us, who may look to our leadership of the team, the family, or the institution for motivation for a way forward.

When we experience negative reactions to change, we must ask ourselves, what is my intention? What do I hope to achieve with this reaction to change? Then it is time to create a shift in your thinking. From the negative feelings we sometimes have in response to change; to a more positive outlook. One that will help you to move forward. Once you take action, you will begin to feel so much better about how you will align yourself to the changes you’re facing. Look around you now, at the things that bring you joy; the sunshine, your morning coffee, people you love, and always remember, we all have an equal share in possibility, so every morning, dedicate a moment to yourself and your place in the new day.

Louise Hay said “Change means that we free ourselves from feelings of isolation, separation, loneliness, anger, fear, and pain. We create lives filled with wonderful peacefulness, where we can relax and enjoy life as it comes to us, where we know that everything is going to be alright. I like to use the premise that Life is wonderful, and I always move into greater good. In that way, it doesn’t matter to me which direction my life takes, because I know that any changes I am going to make have to come from within myself.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach