Thought for the Day

Always do your best………manage your monkey mind. Your thoughts are very powerful. They have a profound influence on the choices and the actions you will take; and with those choices you choose your life experience. So, it is integral to our success that we manage our negative and draining energies. It’s important to not stay in our heads especially when our mind seems to want to make a mountain out of a hill. Things always seem worse if we keep them to ourselves, if we stay in our head instead of deciding to live. So we must make a conscious decision to pay attention to the encouraging, loving, and kind thoughts not the debilitating ones for they do not love us and they make it harder for us to love ourselves. When you are all out of self love then you have nothing to give away.

Because you cannot give away what you cannot give to yourself. So make a commitment to self care…..decide that you will receive your sad thoughts,  and then gently let them go. Replace them with love and faith filled thoughts, and then take action. Go easy on yourself…..take a walk, take a moment, take a breath and then step out in faith. Take the action that your higher frequency is encouraging you to take. For once you begin, you will raise your energy. You will feel yourself filling up with strength, faith, love, and hope. Everything you need is already right there; you just have to choose the positive frequency. Being mindful is not a denial of our problems; it simply allows the formation of creative, positive, alternatives for responding to them.

Wayne Dyer said “Your thoughts create your reality because your thoughts determine how you respond to situations in your daily life. Those responses are the energy you have inside of you to give away. This means that you get back what you put out into the world. Low energy attracts low energy. Some of the low energy thoughts are anger, hate, shame, guilt, and fear. Not only do they weaken you, but they attract more of the same. By changing your inner thoughts to higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace, and joy, you will attract more of the same, and you’ll have those energies to give away. These higher and faster frequencies that empower you will automatically nullify and dissipate the lower energies in the same way that the presence of light makes the darkness disappear.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach