Thought for the Day

Today’s Challenge….slow down!

Slow down…….we behave like the only measurement of success is speed. We live in a world where instant gratification is available through the internet and our mobile phones; and sadly we have bought into the idea that getting everything done quickly is the answer. It’s not. We must use our mindfulness to figure out which things we can handle “instantly” and which things need thoughtful reflection and a plan. If we always react to what is going on, with the first thought that pops into our head then we do ourselves a huge disservice. We must take the time to do our best.

Things are going to happen, some you will see coming, others not at all. Either way, slow yourself down, take the time to process what has happened, and then reflect and figure out your next steps. When you are angry, tired, disappointed, scared, that is not the time for you to take action. You will put a note in your draft file and edit it….so do the same with your physical response to change and challenge. Don’t let your emotions take hold and tell you that you must react immediately. Today when you are challenged, take the time alone to reflect and centre yourself. Humility in our leadership is about refusing to get all tangled up with yourself. It’s about surrender, receptivity, awareness, and faith. Because everything is going to be all right, it just takes time.

Louise Hay said “When we get frightened, we want to control everything, and then we shut off the flow of our good. Trust life. Everything we need is here for us. The power within us is willing to give us our fondest dreams. The problem is that we are not open to receiving it.. Stress to me, is a fearful reaction to life’s constant changes. It is an excuse we use for not taking responsibility for our feelings. If we can equate the word stress with the word fear then we can begin to eliminate the need for fear in our lives. So the next time stress appears…ask yourself how am I overburdening myself?”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach