Thought for the Day

Today’s Challenge…..Slow down and schedule time in nature.

Always do your best…..schedule time in nature. You’re running, you’re checking off your to do list, you’re changing hats fulfilling all the roles you must, in order to give everyone a little slice of you. The days whirl by and one day as you lift your head up to be present in your own life. You realize how much your life looks just like the hamster, running endlessly on its wheel. You have bought into the concept of perfection. Where we must tick all the boxes to be seen as effective. Where we place our happiness in the promise land by doing a little bit of everything so the optics of our lives tell the story we think we need to tell. The truth is we need to love ourselves now, we can’t wait till “we get it right.” If you can love and approve of yourself just as you are now, then when goodness arrives you will be able to enjoy it.

So job one, is slow down. Pause and take the time to think, to be present, and to be your most effective self. Give yourself permission to take time with life. Running as you are, you’re just skimming the tops of the trees. We are better when we can go deeply into the forest. Both figuratively, and literally. Schedule a walk in nature, feel the breeze on your face, the warmth of the sunshine, and listen to the silence. Cherish your alone time, and with that new found mindfulness, you can move towards living wholeheartedly. Who we are, and how we engage, with the world  is communicated every day with how we go about managing our time. If we are to live wholeheartedly then we must honour all the parts of ourselves in harmony. For in haste we walk to fast, and in doing so we leave our soul behind.

Stephen R. Covey said “I don’t care how successful or wealthy you become or how many accomplishments you achieve, the greatest feeling you can get is to be able to go back to the purest form of nature, to walk on the grass, to be around the trees. Nature gets you away from the stress, from all the busy-ness you create in your life when you go everywhere to go nowhere. You’re able to think and be more introspective. And without that quality time, you don’t think deeply. You don’t get a chance to really plan. You just react, and then you’re in crisis management all the time and you make mistakes. The reality is that nature is where we’re most at home; that’s where life’s most basic realities are clear.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach