Thought for the Day

Live your life with awareness……….be conscious of breath.  Ancient wisdom teaches us that when we meditate, when we become conscious of our breathing we can bring peace to any moment.  Most certainly, three deep cleansing breaths can connect us with our soul.  While being yourself requires integrity, honouring yourself requires that you act in your physical world reality in a way that is self supporting and self nurturing.  The mind must be trained to be still. In meditation we can learn to still and quiet our conscious mind… is in these moments that we can find healing and growth. 

For in order to make good choices that are self supporting we must have a well ordered mind.  A few moments taken each day allows us to create clear intentions that are emotionally balanced and spiritually mature.  It teaches us that we can take ourselves off auto pilot and be present in any moment.  Breathing consciously reminds  us of the great gift that life is… brings awareness to aspects of our self that can go unnoticed because of the chatter and activity in our mind.  So today breathe, and reveal the wisdom of your soul. You will have peace, when you are part of something peaceful, and that part is within you.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Every second you are doing something that is crucial to life… you breathe.  Most of the time, you do this on autopilot, breathing without even realizing you are breathing.  But when you bring your conscious awareness to your breath, every inhale and every exhale can be a blessing to your body.  Each inhale allows your environment to nurture you, and with each exhale you nurture the environment around you.  Breath is a constant flow of  generosity and gratitude.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach