Thought for the Day

Always do your best…….that means you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone.  Staying there is like saying to the world “I’m good” no need to do any more learning or growing.  It is when we are willing to step away from our comfort zone, and the knowledge we have, to explore our world and all it may have to teach us, that we have truly stepped out in faith.  Your ego will tell you that your knowledge is power.  The question is; does it have power over you, or do you have power over your knowledge.  When we have power over our knowledge, we recognize that it is a work in progress.  That each day presents us with an opportunity to learn and grow if we are open to it.

 When we have power over our knowledge, we are willing to be uncomfortable as we take on new knowledge and new skills.  We happily sail away from the safe harbour of what we know, in order to learn what we must learn in the great ocean of life.  Sadly, we sometimes allow our fear of the unknown to make our decisions for us as we fight to stay the same and avoid pain.  The truth is that no one is immune to problems.  Obstacles are a part of the journey, but opportunities often disguise themselves as obstacles. So when we avoid the pain of our life problems, we deny ourselves of the opportunity to go to our next level of greatness.  Make no mistake, when life throws you a curve ball you will be introduced to your authentic self.  So, take action in the direction of your dreams, passions, talents, and interest.  Take that step today, knowing it will mean your tomorrow will be that much brighter.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “It’s not easy to let go of our identity – especially when the things we believe about ourselves (even those that cause us pain) provide a familiar comfort zone. But having a sense of personal importance that is contingent on knowledge, status, or any other temporary role we assume in life is vulnerable to collapse.  Staying in our comfort zone may seem cozy for the moment, but the way to reality and awareness actually gets tougher the longer you maintain the status quo.  Eventually, through the continued practice of awareness, we find that who we are is far greater than any identity we have adopted.  This realization that you are timeless and limitless is very powerful; it’s like letting go of the railing when you are certain you are free from any danger of falling.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach