Thought for the Day

Always do your best……see your most difficult experiences as teachers. In our life time we have the opportunity to build our character and to live our values on a daily basis. At times, difficult people, situations, or issues will show up in our lives to teach us a lesson that we need to learn. During these times, we will struggle to hold the mirror up, to look within, to learn what we must. We will want to point the finger of blame at others, holding them accountable for where we find ourselves. Our monkey minds will conjure up drama and we will be momentarily paralyzed believing that the struggle will continue. Yet in the end,  you realize, that you will decide if the struggle will continue or not.

You have power and domain over how you respond to what you now face. So it will be important to have big picture thinking; to think beyond the personal impact, and  to go for the greater good. When we can lift our minds out of our sorrow, then we can begin to see how we will move forward. We can focus on supporting others in the change. We can demonstrate leadership by not being discouraged but by forging on. Nothing is assured, not even what we imagine will happen as a result of the changes. But if we must imagine anything, then we are better served by seeing the good, not the negative. We must do our best to stay on track with our dreams, and our ambitions. Because we always need to do our best….and being busy isn’t always the best use of our energy. Contemplate, then act.

Robin Sharma said “You would not have the wisdom and knowledge you now possess were it not for the setbacks you have faced, the mistakes you have made, and the suffering you have endured. Once and for all, come to realize that pain is a teacher and failure is our highway to success. Begin to see your troubles as blessings, resolve to transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Like most people , I have encountered my own share of pain as I have advanced along the path of life. But I always try to remind myself that our character is shaped, not through life’s easiest experiences, but during life’s toughest ones. It is during life’s most trying times that we discover who we really are and the fullness of the strength that lies within us.”

By Lisa Scott ~ Executive/Life Coach