Thought of the Day

Thought for the Day ~ It’s all about Choices

Strive to be the best you………it’s all about your choices. During those times when you declare life as unfair; when you think that you have been dealt a card that you cannot play. Think again. You always have far more choices than you acknowledge. We can get attached to one way of thinking, or doing and then be resistant towards anything that is different. In these moments we must take responsibility for our self imposed prison. We must recognize the cognitive dissonance that builds the wall around us. Stopping anything that doesn’t line up with what we already know. It is a superb way to ensure that we will never learn and grow from where we are today.

So, we must remind ourselves often that the world offers us infinite possibilities. That we can make different choices if we are willing to expand our vision and let the light in. We can create different experiences if we are willing to make different choices. It is precisely, when we believe, that we have nowhere to turn that we must take a step back and with a wider lens; consider the possibilities. This is true of thoughts and actions; we can always change our thoughts and our direction. Especially if they do not serve us. When negativity seems to prevail in your world – always begin with your thoughts because they become your life. It’s not what happens to us, its how we think about it.

Don Miguel Ruiz said “There are 360 degrees of possibilities surrounding you. This point – this now is your potential. To move forward in any direction is to make a choice; you say yes to something and no to all else. This is true regardless of whether or not you are aware of the infinite possibilities present in each moment. The more attached you are to something, the more your vision is obscured and narrowed, sometimes to the point at which you are convinced that there is only one way to proceed. Your attachment to a belief cuts off your ability to see beyond that one possibility. ”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach