Thought of the Day

Good Morning,

Happy Thursday. Remember to start each and every day with gratitude. Have an awesome day. Enjoy.


Always be humble…….it ensures that you will keep on learning and growing. We all know people whose ego walks in the room before they do. People who will talk about themselves and never ask you a question. Even if they do, they rarely give you their undivided attention to listen to your answers. These people have their social dial stuck on “prove how interesting I am” versus “proving how interested I am.” Humility is a vital part of true success. While you can have the will to flourish and do well, it must be balanced with a humble attitude. One that radiates warmth, empathy, and interest. Humility walks quietly, it shows up gently and it always listens.

Humility knows that there is always more knowledge to gain, more experience to be had, and when the accolades are being given out it steps back so that others may stand in the light. Humble people don’t need to advertise their knowledge, or their contribution, they want others to shine and know the power of achievement; and if they miss the target, then they take responsibility and help everyone to get back on track. Ego is brash and speaks arrogantly of what it can do and be….while truly successful people do not need to tell you how great they are… can feel it with every word they speak,  and every interaction you have with them tells the story of a gentle giant. Self-awareness enables us to always do our best and with mindfulness we realize that the goal is not to walk on water….but to walk softly on the earth.

Robin Sharma said “One of the traits I respect most in people is humility. The tree that has  the most fruit is the tree that bends to the ground, my father taught me as I was growing up. And although there are some exceptions, I have found in my own experience that it is true. The people who know the most, who have achieved the most and who have lived the most are also the people closest to the ground. In a word, they are humble. There is something special about being in the presence of a person who is humble. Practicing humility shows that you respect others and it reminds us that there is so much for us yet to learn. The more you are as a person, the less you need to prove yourself to others.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach