Thought of the Day

Manage your time well………..give yourself the gift of silence each morning.  In a world that thrives on instant gratification, we have difficulty focusing and staying on plan, as it seems like everything is urgent.  We jam more meetings into a day then we can possibly add value to; and we add stress to our lives as it always seems like we are running.  All of this is a choice and we are choosing to be busy as we run on adrenalin,  looking for quick fixes.  The mind is racing because the body is racing and so the cycle begins. In these times we must relax and get to know ourselves, to understand life and our role in it. But we need to take it slowly.

So,  today begin the practice of stillness…..of living from the inside out, not the outside in.  Decide where your focus needs to be and “schedule your priorities rather than trying to prioritize your schedule.”  Ensure that your thinking is solution focused not problem dwelling and stay on course.  What determines the difference between acting poorly versus excellently is rarely based solely on our ability, but rather it is the state of our mind in any given moment that can change the trajectory of our thoughts and actions.  So cultivate your mind, prepare it with a strong dose of silence and reflection; direct it with laser focused action, and reward it with moments of peace and tranquility. Life is a gift, something to treasure, so unwrap it slowly.   

Robin Sharma said “One of the primary traits of world-class performers (in business and in life) is their ability to “detach from the noise.”  Each day, noise such as little crises, minor interruptions and interesting distractions beg for our attention.  To get to your own unique form of personal and professional greatness,  it’s important – no essential – to detach from the noise and stay on vision.  Before your day gets noisy, close your eyes and reflect on your mission. Think about your goals.  Refuse to major in the minor and avoid the noise.”

By Lisa Scott Executive/Life Coach