Thought for the Day ~ Be Impeccable with your words

Be impeccable with your words………words can build us up or they can tear us down.  The words we choose to describe our day to day, tell a story.  They tell the story of how happy we really are…..with laser accuracy they can predict the thoughts and feelings that will follow.  They also give us a glimpse into our reactions at what happens to us.  If little things like traffic, running late, or weather can cause you to complain, to use catastrophic words to describe minor bumps in your day, then you are not being impeccable with your words.  That is not to say that we can’t have real emotions….we are talking about intensity here; and negative emotional intensity can be lowered through modifying our language, so that it is in keeping with the situation.

The other way that we are not impeccable with our words is when we complain.  When our only response to a difficult situation is “this is too hard”  we must stop in the moment and examine the feelings behind the statement.  Write them down if you have to and beside every feeling record what action you will take to ensure that life isn’t so hard.  Action takes us out of difficult situations….complaining keeps us there.  Because you empower everything you complain about.  You empower yourself when you take action to resolve life’s challenges…..and you nourish your own mind, body, and soul, when you are impeccable with your words.  Today’s challenge……it’s a complaint free day.  Move in gratitude instead…..serendipity will abound.

Anthony Robbins said “People with impoverished vocabularies live emotionally impoverished lives.  People with rich vocabularies have a multi-hued palette of colours with which to paint their life’s experience, not only for others, but for themselves too.  What could you do today to expand your “emotional palette?”  What positive and emotionally uplifting words could you add to your habitual vocabulary?  If you consistently used these words, how much more enjoyable would your life be?  Who do you know that leads an extraordinarily happy or passionate life?  What words do they consistently use to describe their life’s experience that you could model, and thereby adopt some of their positive emotional patterns?”