Thought for the Day ~ Practice Daily Meditation

Always do your best… do your best you must give yourself the gift of quiet and stillness.  Unplugged, and in total relaxation we can tap into our internal power source and return ourselves to peace.  Life is just too busy sometimes, we act like we are being paid for stamina instead of results.  We join the competition of he/she who is busiest wins.  Then we meet someone like Richard Branson and although he has a lot of business to attend to, he is serene, powerfully positive, and always the optimist in the room.  While he has a lot of personal practices to maintain his mind, body, and soul, meditation is something he commits to daily.

It is said that clarity precedes mastery so we must get into the practice of clearing our minds, and restoring peace.  Meditation allows us to take our own journey to stillness.  It prepares us for the day ahead, and it gives us the power to manage our lives and our thoughts from deep in our hearts.  So live your vision, revisit it often in your meditation, bring serenity along with you into your day and feel the power you have to create a whole new world for yourself.  Since love is the most healing force, we must be sure to spend some of our meditation on expressing love, for ourselves, and for those around us.  Open yourself to all that is good, feel the energy of the day as it builds in you….Namaste.

Louise Hay said “I recommend quieting your mind and listening to your own inner wisdom.  Our society has made meditation into something mysterious and difficult to achieve, and yet meditation is one of the oldest and simplest processes there is.  You can begin meditation anywhere and allow it to become a habit.  Think of meditation as focusing on your higher power.  You become connected with yourself and your inner wisdom.  You can do it in any form you like; some people go into a kind of meditation when they are walking or jogging.  Add visualization and you can create a clear, positive image that enhances your affirmations.”