Thought for the Day ~ Personal Awareness

Personal awareness is important……….as adults it is our responsibility to manage ourselves.  That means we need to be mindful of the words we choose, the tone we speak with, and the effect that our communication skills have on others.  We also need to be able to go inward when we are offended or hurt by the communications of those around us.  When someone’s words nudge up against our sense of self and their words bring an onslaught of emotions; we need to examine why.  There is always an element of truth in the things that sting, there is something that we need to pay more attention to, so that we can heal.

You cannot recognize what you haven’t in some way experienced.  When elements of your life need to heal…they begin by whispering to you.  They come to you in moments of stillness and visit with you as you reflect on an experience.  In every situation if you’re open to it, there is an opportunity to learn, grow, and in need heal.  If you don’t hear those lessons, if you don’t make the changes that you know you need to, then the whisper becomes a narrator who lives in your head.  Then, when someone bumps up against your pain body, your emotions rain down on you.  So take charge, bring yourself into the light, be aware of what it is in you that triggers toxic emotions…  and be forever devoted to healing yourself of the need to react to the actions of others.

Iyanla Vanzant said “When something someone says or does upsets you, your upset is not about the other person.  Feelings are triggered within you when an external source bumps into something that is already there.  A self-inquiry will help you figure out what you are  hiding that is being triggered by what you are experiencing.  When you least expect it, truth will fly out of someone’s mouth. That truth will burn a whole in your defences, and chances are it is going to upset you.  More than likely you will direct your upset toward the person who released the truth you were denying or ignoring. If on the other hand you turn inward, then you are opening the door to a wholesome self-inquiry that will ultimately lead you to something that needs to be healed.”