Thought for the Day ~ Find Moments of Stillness

Always do your best…….schedule moments of stillness.  There is a difference between avoidance and stillness.  Avoidance is a conscious effort that we make to avoid uncomfortable conversations.  We may tell ourselves that we have enough on our plate without listening to the narrators in our heads or our well meaning family and friends.  It is not because they don’t speak the truth, on the contrary they bring the truth right to our doorstep.  The question is will we listen or will we hide.  Every new year gives us the opportunity to take our life to the next level of excellence, and stillness provides us with the time and space to reflect, review, and revise our choices. In moments of clarity, we can see exactly what we have to do, to get different results. 

We can recall conversations, and advice that we have received that validate what we have to do, in order to step up our life game.   Still, it takes personal strength to take that first step as we begin our journey with much to do, change, and see.  Because if we don’t make changes in the places that we need to, then we will commit ourselves to living the same day over and over, with little to show for it.  Life is not about just surviving, it is about thriving, and realizing the success that our inner voice guides us to.  So don’t avoid what you have to do. That will ensure that your intellect, your maturity, and your personal growth will remain stagnant.  Instead, find your moments of stillness, listen to your inner guidance, and hear what those who love you, are gently suggesting.  None of us can reach our destination alone…..we all need someone to help us on the journey, and since love is all around, we simply have to ask. 

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. said “Taking some time for yourself every day is just as important as brushing your teeth or combing your hair.  For you to be at your best, take the space and time to simply be, without deadlines, distractions, or interruptions.  When you don’t get enough time for yourself, irritability, tiredness, and even burnout can result.   Awareness takes presence, and presence takes inner listening.  Inner listening is a skill that is most easily practiced in stillness.  Once you have discovered the skill of inner listening, it becomes integrated into every moment, no matter how busy or loud.”