Thought for the Day ~ Build your Legacy

Always do your best….the time to build your legacy is now.  It is said that how we live each day is an investment in how we will live our lives. We build our legacy over the course of our life time… we build it with our choices, our friendships, our relationships, and the things we nurture, stand for, and support throughout our days .  To really be present in our lives; we must see the opportunity in every choice and decision that we make, the chance to consciously manage our own character development and our legacy.  Thinking about ones legacy holds the mirror up to our mortality, but it also allows us to live a life that supports the legacy we want to leave.  Being aware of our legacy helps us to  better understand and have clarity about our intentions on our life journey.                    

Life is meant to bring you sweet enjoyment, even as you are fulfilling your purpose and responsibilities.  We can best discover the sweetness of life, by simply noticing it.  It is there in the rich textures of your relationships and in the finer details of life such as humour, playfulness, love, kindness, and compassion.  It is in our special friendships and in the love we feel from them, when we most need them.  It is in our faith, and our ability to stay focused on love, trusting it to bring us through the darker times, and back into the light.  Unwavering faith, and love will be the support and guidance system for you to realize your best life and a legacy that will live on.  So move forward fearlessly, find your personal magic and remember a receptive heart experiences life at a richer and deeper level.

Robin Sharma said “Greatness comes when you create something with your life that is not only bigger than you but outlasts you.  Legitimacy and recognition and prestige and material things are all fine and are all very human pursuits.  But there is something far more important.  Legacy.  Making a difference.  Having an impact.  Creating something special and meaningful.  What body of work will you create over your life that the generations who follow will know that you’ve been here?  What bold acts and brave moves will you make this very moment to let the greatness that slumbers within you come out and visit the light of this very day.  And at the end…what will you have done with all that talent with which you’ve been blessed?  Just wondering…”