Thought for the Day ~ Be Present

Every day make a promise to live fully, right now………..time slips away so very quickly and before you know it all the opportunities to truly enjoy life go with it.  We can easily get caught up in a frenetic pace where it begins to feel like we are just skimming the surface of our life experiences because we are not enjoying each moment and truly living in the present moment……we are living in anticipation of the future. It is said that if we can live fully in the present moment and allow ourselves to take in all that is afforded to us in those moments, we will find our rhythm. 

Conversely if we are always speeding up our day filling every waking moment with a task, a thought, a chore, without a pause to appreciate the gaps we will find a familiar form of negativity arises within us, reminding us of our un-kept promises.  This is not a sign of failure but a sign to wake up,  to get out of your mind, and be present.  So no matter where you are today…….be there totally and make the now the main focus of your life.

Robin Sharma said “Too many humans beings postpone living.  We say that we will live our best lives when we have more time or when we finish the pressing projects that are consuming us.  We tell those around us that we will be more loving and passionate when things slow down.  We promise ourselves that we will get into world class physical condition and eat healthier food when we have a little more time.  Yet deep within us, each one of us knows that there will never be a better time to live our biggest life than right now.”