Thought for the Day ~ Be a part of the solution

Always do your best……….be aware of your mental patterns and how they serve you or hold you back.  At the root of any sustainable success is discipline.  In much the same way that we can allow ourselves to get on the slippery slope of negative thinking, we can make a conscious decision to always search for alternatives that empower us.  With this habit of searching for solutions every time we encounter a problem; we give ourselves an incredible jolt of confidence each time we are able to turn something around.  To achieve our next level of personal greatness, it is important to create new habits, set new standards, and have greater expectations of ourselves, all of which will lead us to a richer life.                    

Too often our reactions to life happen when we feel the effects of the twists and turns that our journey delivers to us.  More often we need to go deeper and understand their cause so that we can create change at the root of the problem.  In this way we can begin to experience the power of awareness and discipline to change our life experience, and remind us that life is always about choices and how we evaluate their effects.  Asking yourself tough questions, questions that take you out of your habitual thinking and the resulting choices will ultimately, set you free.  So today as you feel the power of the day building, build your power too.  Ask yourself…..what is the one thing, that if I did it,  it would take my personal and professional life, to the next level of greatness?  The challenge is on…..will you accept it?

Anthony Robbins said “Refuse to dwell on any  thoughts or feelings that are not resourceful.  Refuse to indulge in any questions, vocabulary, or metaphors that do not empower and revitalize you.  When you feel yourself focusing on the negative in a situation, redirect your focus immediately by asking yourself questions that are focused on solution not on the problems.  With this new awareness and your commitment to cleanse your system, nourish it with reading material that yields insights, and strategies to guide you in the new lifestyle you’ve chosen. Remember, leaders are readers.”