Thought for the Day ~ Learn something new every day

Always do your best……..keep your mind open and receptive to learning.  When was the last time that you learned something new?  When was the last time you committed yourself to a course, training, or read a book to expand your knowledge?  In recent memory, when was the last time that you let go of  the old ways of doing things to allow room for more creative, and effective processes and systems?  While your experience and skills may have a lot to offer those you interact with daily.  Those around you have a lot to offer if you’re open to listening and learning.  Because leading in life is about both teaching others and learning from them too. 

It is about knowing when to get out of your own way, so that you can create environments where possibility is everywhere, because you include everyone.  Too often as we grow and mature we become attached to what we believe and know.  So much so that our comfort with what we know, stops us from being open to new knowledge, ideas, and suggestions.  Clinging to our comfort zone means that we close the door to possibility thinking and then cognitive dissonance takes over as it prevents us from learning anything new.  So today, step outside your comfort zone.  Pursue the things that will enlighten you, and bring you new knowledge.  The only thing that is preventing you from leaving your comfort zone, is your discomfort with being uncomfortable. Make it a goal to learn something new every day.

Louise Hay said “How often do you allow yourself to dwell in the limitations of your present consciousness?  Every time you say “I can’t” you are putting a stop sign in front of you.  You shut down the door to your own inner wisdom, and you block the flow of energy that is your spiritual knowingness.  Are you willing to go beyond what you believe today?  You woke up this morning with certain concepts and ideas.  You have the ability to move beyond some of them to experience a far greater reality.  It is called learning – because you are taking in something new.  It may fit in with what is already there, or it may even be better.”