Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Thought for the Day……..
Always do your best……… have good intentions and to choose action that is aligned with your intent. It is said that the only way out is through…….and that means that sometimes we just have to accept that the only way to get to the next level is to go there. At times we will procrastinate making a decision about something painful, but doing that means you are not standing in your truth, you are ostensibly being dishonest with yourself.

We must believe that we have our own best interest at heart, that even if the thought of taking the next step seems frightening or risky, we can take that step in faith because making decisions for ourselves is infinitely better than allowing others to make decisions for us. We cannot expect different results by making the same choices, doing the same things, and staying in our comfort zone. We have to want things to be better and then we have to take the steps to make them better.

It’s important to set your own life up for success before you venture out to save everyone else……you don’t give your best energy, intellect, and heart to strangers to nurture your family. Never be backward about going forward because after a time, life will move you forward whether you like it or not. So light the way forward with a trusting heart and know that your passion is catching……if you believe in you, so will others. Jane Adams said “Progress is not automatic; the world grows better because people wish that it should be, and take the right steps to make it better.”