Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Take responsibility for your actions…… does not serve your development to always point the finger and blame someone else for what is happening in your life.  In fact when we do that we are not taking responsibility for our choices, our actions and their consequences. Although it may be desirable, we cannot expect others to change so that our circumstances get better…..we are the catalysts in our own lives, and we must make the changes and be accountable for what happens.

We will have a far more intelligent and graceful experience if we can model good behaviour and lead by example. Our mantra needs to be fix the problem, not the blame, because fixing the blame is judgment and fixing the problem is action which allows us to bring change to a situation.

So be mindful of the example your leadership gives; understand that any negative emotion you feel is in essence a call to action. Feeling frustrated means that you know that things could be better and they are not… it is a gift that is asking for a solution.  Nothing will change if you do not take the action required to change it. Today, no matter what your title is… a leader and work to make things better.

Robin Sharma said ” Make the time to confront your resistances and examine yourself when frustrations or fears surface, rather than making it about others and avoiding self-responsibility. That’s a giant key to growing more powerful and peaceful as a person. Our lives are mirrors, and life sends us not what we want but who we are.  As we shine more brightly and stand more greatly, our outer lives cannot help but follow.”