Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Always do your best…….your life experiences will ultimately reflect how you think about yourself. If you believe that life is a contest where he or she who accumulates the most is the winner then you will soon find yourself on an endless treadmill of comparison and one up- man-ship…….an empty existence that leaves you dissatisfied and looking for a more a more meaningful way to live.

It does not matter whether you are privileged or impoverished one thing stands out. Regardless of what you have achieved in your life; only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy – true fulfillment. We are all different and we are meant to be that way……your appreciation of that one factor can change your experience with people. 

Conversely if you are always finding fault with people who think differently, act differently, then you are allowing your ego to lead and your ego wants to sit in judgment while your heart is ready to embrace and accept people for who they are……including yourself….and remember the beliefs that you have about yourself are always driving your life.

Wayne Dyer said ” Our beliefs about ourselves are the most telling factors in determining our level of success and happiness in life. You cannot always be number one, or always win a contest, or always get the merit badge, or always make the honour role, but you can always think of yourself as an important, worthwhile person.”