Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott

Manage your ego with humility and will……….If your ego shows up in your day more than you’d like then it is trying to tell you something – namely manage me.  Ego is something that we all have and if it is in balance then it simply gives us self-confidence and lights the way throughout our lives.  If it is unbalanced, if it needs to be right, if it judges others, if it has to win, if it removes competition instead of managing its way through, if it is “my way or the highway” then it is likely screaming to be acknowledged. 

Ego is developed in child hood and if a child feels secure, loved, and supported then they tend to develop an appropriate sense of self as they believe in themselves and they have come to know that their families believe in them too.If on the other hand you meet someone’s ego before you meet anything else then this is a usually someone who is hurting……and with child like reasoning they believe the way to deal with that hurt is to let their ego protect them. 

The destruction of self worth begins the moment we assign value to something outside ourselves and people with ego do this to manage their pain. Working hard to provide or take care of material possessions is not more important than taking care of your mind, your body, or your spirit. Sooner or later that approach catches up to all of us….because the real question is…when you strip away the title, the material possessions, what is left?  You are always what you are inside……not the facade you sometimes show the world.

Stacey Phillips & Mark Rossi said “The ultimate love hate relationship……Ego.  Ego is merely a form of protection arisen from the misguided  and sometimes hurt child in all of us.  Acknowledgement of this fact, will lead to a letting go of that ego and the opening of one’s heart.”