Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Make sure your life story is telling the story that you want to live……….your behaviour and your reactions to things say so much about who you are at your core.  Because while you can blame circumstances, people and their treatment of you when your life doesn’t go as planned……ultimately your choices and your behaviour will reflect the truth.  People are going to say things that hurt, they are going to do things that break your faith in their goodness, they will act in ways that seem to go against you and how you respond is the tipping point in those situations.

You have choices, you can either accept their behaviour, take things personally, and ultimately enable them, or you can refuse to accept their poor behaviour and interpersonal skills by letting them know that you require them to be respectful in their communications and their actions.  Your life story is based on what you accept in this life…….you experience what you tolerate, so if someone is not treating you well, then you must change the rules and let them know that you will not accept their disrespect nor will you take it personally.

The first key is to hold ourselves to a higher standard and fulfill this promise.  The second is to do the right thing, to dare to take a stand, and to realize that there are bullies even when we grow up, but we do not have to enable adult bullies anymore than children and especially not ones with a title.

Dr Wayne Dyer  said “Behaviour is a much better barometer of what you are than words.  If you practice maintaining your composure, and remember that someone else’s behaviour belongs to that person and cannot upset you unless you allow it to do so, then you will not become an unwilling target.”