Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be strong enough to stand in your own truth……..there is nothing of value gained when you subjugate yourself so that others can feel comfortable.  Denial of yourself….. is lying to yourself as it is acceptance of behaviour and an environment that you know is not healthy or aligned with your values. All of your values, beliefs, passions and preferences are the very things that contribute to making you a special and unique person. 

If you move away from living that truth by choosing to not let the world see your light, by accepting treatment from people that you know is inherently wrong, and by not honouring your truth then you slowly begin to lose your self-confidence and your energy and you act in ways that are out of character for you.  This is your life telling you to find your way back to yourself, to regain your power by taking empowering steps towards your authentic self.  Fear may rear its head…but rather than look at fear as a bad feeling…..look at it as an alarm telling you to wake up and commit to living your best life.

Robin Sharma said “There’s an extremely powerful concept I call the integrity gap.  Simply stated the greater the gap between who you are on the inside, or your true self, and the way you occur on the outside, or your social self, the greater the unhappiness you’ll feel in your life.  This is a war of authenticity, or more accurately, it’s a battle for integrity, since when we act in ways that aren’t congruent with who we truly are, we’re out of integrity.”