Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Perspective matters……ancient wisdom says that what you tell yourself you are, you will be.  Self value means that you know who you are…..self esteem means you are who you say you are, and self worth means you believe it.  Many people will try to write on the slate of who you are and how you think about yourself, but you cannot take the opinions of others personally and more importantly you cannot confuse the conditions that may exist in your life with the truth about you. 

We are not what happens to us but we are how we handle what happens. When people have good intentions they will give you open, honest, and constructive feedback…..conversely when they make it personal, when they attack, neither their intentions nor their feedback is worthy and your perspective and ability to resist taking things personally is paramount to your success.  Life is not about holding on, life is not about doing what will make others believe you are worthy… is about knowing who you truly are and staying true to that and when people make it personal, it is about moving through, moving on, growing up and growing through each experience.

Dr Wayne Dyer said “Those who behave in ways that you dislike are sending out their disharmony toward you because that’s all they have to give away.  Hating them is akin to hating moss for growing on the tree. You don’t need to let anyone into your life unless they come in with love and harmony. When you have the choice between being right and being kind, just choose kind.”