Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be impeccable with your words……..especially the ones that you use to speak to yourself.  Life is not about surviving, holding on, or making it through… is about embracing life, believing in the very best for yourself and then pursuing it.  Life has brought you lessons and it is your ability to harvest the lessons and to build wisdom and integrity through your choices and your actions that will make the difference.

We can only realize our own worth when we can be totally honest with ourselves about our circumstances; how long do you hold onto things that are not working in your best interest? Things that no longer fulfill you, things that are no longer productive, things that deny you the opportunity to be authentic.  All in order to meet the demands and expectations of others.  Be honest with yourself, make choices that honour your authentic self…..and take action so that you can take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

Don Miguel Ruiz said “Common sense is wisdom, and wisdom is different than knowledge.  You are wise when you no longer act against yourself.  You are wise when you live in harmony with yourself, with your own kind, and with all of creation.  When your will is free, you choose happiness, love, peace, and harmony.  You choose to play; you choose to enjoy your life.  You no longer choose drama.  Your choices come from integrity  when you put your faith in truth instead of in lies.”