Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Forgiveness matters………we must all find the path that will lead us to forgiveness.  To surrender and release our anger, pain and frustration that we feel towards a person or our circumstances is not weakness.  It is a way for us to return to strength.  Ancient wisdom teaches us that to hold onto a grudge is like holding onto a hot coal and expecting it to burn someone else…..the only person you hurt when you will not forgive others, is yourself.  If you have been working on forgiving someone for something and you still feel anger, then you must consider that what you really want is revenge.

Sometimes forgiveness seems like you are somehow letting someone off the hook – the truth is that by not forgiving them you have kept yourself hooked.  Forgiveness does not say – what they did was ok, it merely allows you to surrender and release your feelings towards a situation or person by giving up the hope that things could have gone any differently.  We must find peace and find a way to live a soul nourished life and the only way back to wholeness is to find a way to forgive those people in our lives who may have hurt us. Today be committed to healing yourself and those around you……forgiveness is where your power resides.  Forgiveness sets you free.

Iyanla Vanzant said “Is it worth it?  Is the anger, resentment, and stress you feel in your body paying off?  In other words, is the way you feel getting you what you want?  Is holding your ground, defending your position, promoting your opinion making you feel any better?  It is true that static, friction, and challenge can lead to new insights.  However, new insights can only happen when you are flexible.  Being flexible does not mean you are weak.  When you are flexible, you are open.  Open to doing what is best for yourself and everyone involved.  Flexibility means surrendering and giving up your preconceived notions about people, circumstances and the way things should be.”