Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Your personal brand ……..speaks for itself so be careful what it is saying.  You can take 25 years to build it and it can be over in 25 seconds because of one act of poor judgement.  So we need to be conscious of managing our personal brand;  we need to work on it, polish and protect it with every choice and decision that we make.  Personal branding requires us to reinvent ourselves, and to be relentless at innovating and improving. 

Every time you speak you tell the world something of who you are, every time you are silent when you should speak, you tell the world who you are, every engagement with another human being drives your brand.  If we can see our life as a reflection of who we are, then everything that appears in our life is coming to show us where we need to work on ourselves.

If you are trying to escape blame or punishment then you will point the finger at others, when you blame them for what is going on then you miss the opportunity for self-correction….remember you are acting without integrity or humility when you look to blame others when things go badly but take all the credit when things go well. Be inherently humble and manage your brand…now that is excellence.

Robin Sharma said “People appreciate being reminded that they are meant to play at great.  That there are no extra people on the planet and every life has a purpose.  But we deserve better than mediocrity.  Ordinary people can do remarkable things. By recalling who they are…and living at their best.”