Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach


 This Thought is dedicated to everyone who is missing a loved one…….

Our highest power is love……….and it is the one thing that each of us has an unlimited amount of.  We love those that we share our journey with and we love those that have left this realm and moved on. While life brings us much joy, it also brings us the pain of losing those we love……and at this time of year and other special holidays, we are reminded of our loss through their absence and our sweet memories.  It is challenging to find that place within where we can go to remember, to love, to cherish and to smile with those who are no longer with us.  It is all too easy to end up on that slippery slope of sadness, and be paralyzed by the loss…..yet we know that we must honour those we have lost by loving our way to a good holiday and a good life.

As you remember your loved ones, think about the things that were important to them, think about the joy they brought to your life, and think about how they would want you to embrace, enjoy and live a life of fullness.  It is through these good feelings that we are able to get as  close as possible to those we have lost.  Everything in life is about how you feel.  Every decision you make is based on how you feel.  So lift yourself up, and honour the people that you are missing by doing something in the name of love with them in mind.  What we give in love, we receive back from the universe and through that one emotion…..we can continue our journey and honour our loved ones always……….

Iyanla Vanzant said ” People never really die.  They leave their bodies.  They end their physical existence in order to continue their spiritual journey in another form, on another plane.  A person who has entered the realm of existence that we call death is never beyond your love.  The thing we call death is not a cold or a dark or a frightening and cruel existence.  It is an essential part of life that teaches us to believe in what we cannot see.  Once you know a person, you will always know a person.  Once you have loved a person, your love will keep them alive.  Life continues as long as you remember the warmth of another’s smile, the gentleness of their touch, and the meaning they brought to your life. When you continue standing up for the things they believed in and doing the things you loved to do together, you are saying, This life continues to touch my life.”