Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….leverage your strengths and find that place inside you that will fuel your dreams.  Some days we are eager to get started on our day, we have optimism for the future and confidence that we are exactly where we  are suppose to be.  Those feelings remind us that while we can have bad days….we can also have great days, and it all comes down to our choices and what we place our focus on.  As thoughts flicker into our consciousness we can either give them the light of day by acting on them, or we can select another thought, a more productive one.  One that moves us forward in our lives in a significant and meaningful way.

So often we focus on abundance and prosperity as the only measures of success….but very often we can achieve the outward success that comes with them and still feel empty inside.  You cannot live your best life by only focusing on the accumulation of things, life’s riches are not in labels, and brand names, those are shallow hallmarks for a great life.  A great life is lived from the inside out…. and there is strength in our character when we can realize this and act on it daily.  When you only focus on your material wealth and lead with that, it’s because you are impoverished and hollow inside.  The answers to living your best life, aren’t out there…….you carry them with you every day.

Robin Sharma said  “Don`t feed your weakness……..every time you practice a weakness, you feed it….and the things you feed, grow in life.  Every time you don`t live your values.  The integrity gap widens.  Every time you run from a fear, the fear expands.  Every time you mistreat another person, your capacity to mistreat becomes more powerful.  We become excellent by doing excellent things.  We become fearless by  visiting the places that scare us. We become strong by living our strengths. Not our weaknesses.”