Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……..don’t be controlled by your fears, be driven by your dreams.  As human beings we crave comfort and security and too often we satisfy those cravings at work, home, and play.  We tell ourselves that we have arrived at our destination,  that we are good with the knowledge we have, that we have methodologies that work, that we’re ok with our relationships, and we find ways to support those beliefs.  Imagine if Columbus had opted to stay with the shoreline that he knew.  Innovation doesn’t come from comfort and clinging to current knowledge.  It comes from being willing to leave the shore, to venture out of the harbour and  to search for new opportunities.

Every time you give into your fears and your discomfort with being uncomfortable……you deny yourself the opportunity for growth.  It does not serve our greater selves to accept less than we desire, to be closed to new ways of doing things, or to accept circumstances that are not respectful of who we truly are.  Remember every day comes bearing gifts, but you will be blind to them if you are busy defending what is…….

Robin Sharma said “I’ve learned that our fears are straw monsters.  If we deny them, they remain in the basement, secretly sabotaging our lives and keep us running away from your dreams.  But if we confront them, by inviting these scary monsters upstairs for a cup of tea – if we get to know them –  we realize they were so much smaller than we first thought.  Just as a shadow fades when brought into the sunlight, a fear invited into the light of our human awareness begins to evaporate.   What we resist will persist.  And if we refuse to do the inner work required to look at and then work through our fears, they will always run us.”