Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Show gratitude for your life……….. because once you understand what a gift it is to be alive, you will know that you are worthy.  Once you believe that you are worthy of life, love, and a multitude of other good things, then you can discard your ego and stop trying to prove to others in order to convince yourself.  A healthy sense of self-worth is not something you create by accumulating material things or by competing with others… resides in your core beliefs about yourself.  If you do not truly believe in “you” then your approach will be to diminish the light of those around you, rather than lighting your own way to a better place.

If we want to experience the truth of who we are then we must be willing to look at ourselves holistically.  That means examining everything about ourselves and bringing our darkest thoughts and beliefs to the light.  No-one is perfect, and with that acknowledgement we must always remember to be grateful for the goodness in life and to take responsibility for the bad.  Blaming anyone else for our lot in life is giving away our power……the only reason that you do not have the life you want is that somewhere in your mind, you don’t believe you deserve it.  Reasons, excuses, and limitations are just your “lions,  and tigers, and bears.”

Iyanla Vanzant said “A truly healthy sense of self-worth is more than a head trip.  Self-worth requires more than repeating flowery affirmations to convince yourself that you believe certain things about yourself.  Self-worth is not a by-product of others opinions about you and your abilities.  Self-worth is an understanding on the intellectual level, trusting at the heart level, and accepting at the soul level that you are worthy just because you believe that you are.”