Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….never settle for anything less than what you want from your life.  What you know at your core – what you dream of when you are in your peaceful place, what you hope, and wish and pray for….those are the things that you must pay attention to.  Those feelings and thoughts are in the roots of your soul and to ignore them, to pretend that they don’t matter is to deny your purpose.  While we all have to do what we need to do as adults, parents, and partners……not honouring our hopes and wishes for our lives will become our biggest regret.

Too often we spend most of our time dreaming of what will come into our lives, never realizing that a little of it arrives every day.  So in those moments of stillness and reflection be honest with yourself…what is the one thing that you dream of for yourself that you do nothing to honour?  What part of you do you deny and stuff inside for another day?  How far is the life you have…..from the one you want?   When we choose to keep our dreams and visions for ourselves hidden away – it shows us the level of self-love that we have.   Because what we believe  about our lives will ultimately determine what we accomplish or fail to accomplish during our time on earth. So always do your best…..follow your dreams.

Joanna Smith Bers said “We need to define our priorities – the values, endeavours, and dreams that guide us – and build our worlds around those things.  It’s not enough just to get through the day.  We need  to make every day a platform for accomplishing what we want out of life.  We must take responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in so that we can live with ourselves and the world around us.”