Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be true to yourself……and begin by being honest about the true “state of your union.”  It is said that when we are pointing fingers outwardly, there are five pointing back at us.  Examine how you tell your story….does your story require everybody else in your life to make a significant change, to be more loving, to be more attentive? Then ask yourself what is your responsibility in making some of those life changes for yourself?  It is not loving to stay in a place or an experience where you are happy sometimes, sad most of the time. You do not honour yourself when you convince yourself to stay in a place where you are not loved, honoured, and valued the way your heart believes it deserves to be.

Our early education is mandated, our degrees, certifications, and designations give us the tools we need to get our lives started with our chosen profession……later our learning comes from professional training, our life experiences, and reading.  Reading introduces us to the heart of leadership….it allows us to develop a way of thinking about life and its problems.  If you can commit to implementing what resonates with you, not just reading copious amounts, then you refine your ability to walk in the shoes of others, your facility to empathize is deepened and expanded.  You realize through this learning that the only person who ever stopped you from being the best that you can be, was you. Today, stand in your truth…..and begin with the powerful synergy that comes with partnering your mind and your heart. 

Stephen R. Covey said “If you organize your family life to spend even ten or fifteen minutes a morning reading something that connects you with timeless principles, it’s almost guaranteed that you will make better choices during the day, in the family, on the job, in every dimension of life.  Your thoughts will be higher.  Your interactions will be more satisfying.  You will have a greater perspective.  You will increase that space between what happens to you and your response to it.  You will be more connected to what really matters most.  Educating the heart is the critical complement to educating the mind.”