Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Listen to your feelings…….because we cannot change what we do not acknowledge.  Nothing good will come from denying your thoughts and feelings….and when you do, you are out of love for yourself.  At that point we resort to telling stories in order to avoid the reality in which we live.  When you withhold or distort the truth…you are hiding from your reality, you are giving in to your fears. As humans we seem to have a really hard time calling things what they are….and as a result we spend far too much time in bad situations.  The longer we resist facing our truth, the easier it is to forget that we are equipped to change it.

If we have honesty as one of our values, then we must tell the truth about what we see.  Very often we waste time and energy because we fail to acknowledge an error or a miss-step, and yet these present our greatest opportunity for learning and healing.  Humility allows us to remember that no matter how smart we believe ourselves to be, regardless of how much we have accomplished, we are still human.  A mistake is the way we learn our limitations and when we grow in humility, we grow in compassion for ourselves and others as we learn to surrender and heal our judgements.  So fess up when you mess up and listen to the gentle whisper that calls to you when you may want to avoid a situation or person.  Plug into your own power and shift your attention from the outside world to the inside of you……and listen.

Robin Sharma said  “Never minimize your feelings.  Feelings are the doorways into your soul and they must be acknowledged and then felt to completion.  Feelings carry important information and serve to foster your self-relationship if explored fully.  To deny them is to deny a natural part of you. To pretend that you are not feeling what you are feeling would be a very unhealthy thing to do, both psychologically and physiologically.  Your life will work much better once you begin to listen to it.  Let it lead you rather than pushing the river…..and trust that where life carries you is exactly where you are meant to be.  Doing so is one of the ways you will ensure that you walk the path of your destiny, your true path.”