Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……let go of your ego and find the power that exists in the present moment.  Complaining and reacting make up  a large part of our egoic mind…..and it is the way that the ego strengthens itself. The ego tells stories that make it right and others wrong, it controls and always has a better way than the one it sees.  The ego builds its superiority complex by a continuous stream of right fighting and the need to win….the reality is that we only strengthen the illusion of our ego….not our sense of self.  The ego flourishes on conflict, comparison, and judgement……creating a false sense of power.

Your ego needs to be in conflict with something or someone and even if your inner core is saying it wants joy, and peace….your ego will not tolerate them for long.  You are vested in your ego if you have the attention span of an ant…..if you get bored easily, if you always tear other ideas down….in order to build yourself up.  The prison you find yourself in, is one of your own making.  You are looking at the world from your “me state” and can’t quite figure out why that is constantly changing, giving you superficial but fleeting joy. Because lasting joy comes from living in the present moment and being very clear about how you finish the sentence “I am”  – this is your core, this has nothing to do with the past or the present, it is who you are. An infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

Eckhart Tolle said “When you live through the ego, you always reduce the present moment to a means to an end.  You live for the future, and when you achieve your goals, they don’t satisfy you, at least not for long.  When you give more attention to the doing than to the future result that you want to achieve through it, you break the old egoic conditioning.  Your doing then becomes not only a great deal more effective, but infinitely more fulfilling and joyful.  By giving your full attention to the present moment, an intelligence far greater than the egoic mind enters your life.”