Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Practice extreme self-care…………learn to say no graciously.  We are busy because we choose to be busy.  We make the choices that result in our over committing  our time and energy, and then we blame it on others.  If you step back and evaluate your calendar…..everything that is in it, you said yes to so there is no one to blame for your busyness but you.  Our bodies are over stimulated so the mind follows and once that happens we are part of a perfect storm of our own making….. as if we are in a regressed state of childhood and not wanting to disappoint. 

We say yes when we want to say no to things because we are people pleasing and anytime you place pleasing someone else as a priority – you are ignoring you.  The more we do this….the more that goes unsaid about how we are feeling overwhelmed, the more we must acknowledge that these are not relationships, they are arrangements.  Your loved ones may point out that you need to pause and rest your mind, body and spirit but until you love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of stillness and peace you will not practice extreme self -care you will be abusing yourself by being constantly busy.  Today and everyday find time to honour you – and learn to say no with grace and love and then you will stop running on adrenalin and looking for quick fixes.

Cheryl Richardson said “The practice of extreme self care forces us to make choices and decisions that honour and reflect the nature of our soul. Enjoying a life of Extreme Self-Care means living and working in a soul-nurturing environment; developing a greater appreciation for, and connection with, nature; doing work that provides an opportunity to express your greatest gifts and talents; and caring for your emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a way that’s aligned with who you are and what you most need. When you allow yourself to want this and then have it, you can’t help but want it for others too.”