Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best……….being decisive and making sound decisions builds your leadership skills.  The more we make decisions in life the better we become at making them.  Muscles get stronger with use and so it is with your decision making skills.  Some people make their decisions based on their own self-referencing criteria and yet they wouldn’t make a decision in marketing based on one opinion.  Some leaders make decisions based on the needs and opinions of a few dissenters which is about as effective as punishing the whole class when one or two children show up without their gym clothes.

The best choices we will make will be those that use a combination of objectivity and intuition……it has been said that the reason we have to learn so much by experience is because we fail to listen to our intuition.  When you must make any choice of importance ask yourself is this really right when filtered with fairness and empathy? What is really best for the greater good, not only today but for the future?  

When we can take a bigger picture view of the impact of our decision making we will be reasonable and objective and our decisions will not be based in ego and making popular decisions but in making the right ones.  Remember all the great inventions of our time were at one time unpopular and someone had the courage to make them anyway.

Robin Sharma said “Leadership isn’t a popularity contest.  Being a leader isn’t about being liked.  It’s about doing what’s right.  So many leaders are afraid of conflict – they have a deep seated need to be popular and cherished.  They hate ruffling feathers and making waves.  They are insecure and not comfortable living in their own skin.  But great leaders are different. They fearlessly make tough calls, they speak their truth, they run their own race, making the right decisions for the greater good and worrying little about public opinion.”