Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Be honest, especially with yourself……… and live authentically.  There is a richness and a power that resides in the human spirit… is alive and vibrant when we are born, and then ever so slowly the world begins to shape us and that vibrancy fades.  As children we believe in magic, we trust , we love, and we smile on average 3000 times a day, and the only thing we hate is our nap.  We have the capacity to amuse ourselves with a vivid imagination and we create wonderful stories and pictures that speak to our love for those around us.  We value our own authenticity……our families, and the serendipity that comes with each new day.

As we grow we are impacted by friends, family, life, and a relentless media that seems to focus on the negative.  As children…..the adults in our lives write on the slate of who we become……if they involve us in adult relationships that end in divorce….they take away a little smile, when they tell us that our imaginary friends aren’t real, they hurt our ability to create, when they tell us not to cry, they teach us not to feel, when they insist on perfection, we lose the capacity to strive for excellence…….and by the time we are in our 20’s…..we smile under 100 times a day.  So today, find that child, believe, know that you can, smile a lot, and value life…..much more than anything else.  Be authentic.

Robin Sharma said “People have lost sight of the things that truly count.  They sacrifice meaning for money and chase profit instead of purpose.  Their families are no longer their highest priority, and as a consequence, their spouses and their children suffer needlessly.  They no longer make the time to renew themselves and cultivate their most important human relationships.  They have forgotten that life’s little pleasures, like the magic of a child’s laugh or the glory of a sunrise, are life’s most important ones.”

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