Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….. pause and reflect from time to time.  Take inventory of your life and how you are spending it, and ensure that you are nurturing every aspect of your being.  We are not one dimensional…..we have many facets and multiple roles and they all matter.  It is said that the only thing we will regret at the end of our lives, is the risks we didn’t take, the fears we didn’t face, the love we ignored, or the purpose we didn’t honour.  As human beings we have a way of justifying our choices that seems to place everything ahead of our own happiness.  While we all have to make sacrifices in our lives…..we must be mindful that everything we do communicates, good, bad, or indifferent.

So it’s important to show leadership in our lives… provide a good example when it  comes to work ethic, romantic relationships, parenting, and self care.  If all we show the world is how to get through the day, but not to embrace the day…then we have failed.  If our lives reflect a pursuit of money, title, but no substance then we have failed.  The only thing we are going to take when we leave this world is our soul and our spirit, so it makes sense that while we are here, we do our best to nurture these, to take care of ourselves, and to communicate oh so eloquently to the world that we are decent human beings.  This is a quiet arrangement with your heart……when you feel burdened, clear the decks, give yourself room to breathe, and ask for help but whatever you do, don’t deprive yourself  or it will lead to a legacy of deprivation.

Robin Sharma said “Most people try to get more every day while I strive to grow simpler and more uncomplicated every day.  If we would slow down, press the pause button a little more often and have  a look at the big picture of our lives, we would arrive at a greater understanding of why we are here and what we must be doing.  We need to define our priorities – the values, endeavours  and dreams that guide us – and build our worlds around those things.  It’s not enough just to get through the day.  We need to make every day a platform for accomplishing what we want in life.  We must take responsibility for ourselves and the world we live in so that we can live with ourselves and the world around us.”

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