Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Are you living your life by choice…..or by chance?  At times it seems like our lives are on auto pilot… we live within our prescribed routines and patterns.  Left untouched those patterns and routines can create a life that will pretty much look the same as it does today, five years from now.  When you ignore your inner calling that place inside of you that tells you the truth, no matter what is happening….you ignore a piece of yourself.  Appearances can be deceiving…..your life may look like a dream based on your material success.  But that means nothing if you have not honoured your authentic self… if you have not realized the vision that you have for your life.  The proof lies in the meticulous planning we do for our work lives…while paying zero attention to the way we will live at home.

We pretty much leave our personal lives to chance…..we get on that treadmill of routine and we hope that all will be fine.  As time goes by we lose ourselves in the busy-ness of life…..and before we know it we are doing everything for everyone else…and very little to honour ourselves.  Inner work is not achieved by reading a book and making notes….inner work requires that we embody, and embrace the principles of what we read. That there is conscious acceptance that you choose moment by moment whether to and how to experience and express your authentic identity.  Deny who you are….deny what you need, and you will be denying your own truth….and how can anything good come from doing that?

Robin Sharma said “Human beings are like onions.  In the center rests our highest selves, the people that we truly are.  Our primary duty as people is to do all the inner work required – to peel back all the layers until we discover  our essential selves – our best selves.  Having the right cars, houses and clothes is completely meaningless if you haven’t yet caught a glimpse of the person who you are meant to be.  The purpose of life really is a life of purpose.  But in order to be in a position to add real value to other people and contribute to the world as best you can, you must first come to know who you really are as a human being.  So stop trying to get more in life….and try to be more for life.  That’s where lasting happiness lies.”