Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….feelings buried, never die.  While most of us do pretty well with life’s curve balls…..sometimes we don’t handle them at all.  We stuff our feelings and we say “not today”  I can’t think about this right now and we leave them for another day, that never comes.  When we stuff our feelings of anger, fear,  and resentment, we can be sure that they will not die or disappear. They will show up in our lives over and over until we get the lesson and acknowledge what we have to do to resolve our feelings and our life experiences.  So don’t say why does this keep happening to me…..instead ask yourself.. why will I not acknowledge my true feelings about this?

Sometimes we are given a little to see what we will do with a lot.  Success will come to us by taking small steps.  With every step we take towards the life we truly want… makes us that much stronger.  You see some of life’s problems don’t actually have solutions, that’s not why we’re being presented with them.  We are  being shown so we can be part of the process, and that may be to grieve, to offer sympathy, or to simply move forward with our lives. We all love the challenge of life and want to keep in the game so we can conquer our feelings…but sometimes we just have to recognize when it isn’t going to happen.  The lesson then becomes one of dignity and compassion as we learn how to walk away with our pride intact and our sense of self preserved.  

Louise Hay said “We all have challenges in life.  Everybody does.  Nobody goes through life without them; otherwise, what would be the purpose of coming to this particular school called earth?  For some there are health challenges, or career or financial challenges.  Some have a little or a lot of everything.  I think that one of our biggest problems is that most of us haven’t the faintest idea  of what it is we want to let go.   We know what is not working and we know what we want in our life, yet we don’t know what’s holding us back.  We all need healing.  When we learn to love and cherish who we are, we will no longer harm anyone…including ourselves.”