Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….because how you manage your time says so much about your time management skills.  Reflecting on your schedule you will find that you are as busy as you are…..because you choose to be that busy. The truth is, we are always looking for quick fixes and our energy source has become adrenalin.  Given that most of us have 30-40% more work than we can handle, we are in a chronic state of fight or flight .  When we wind ourselves up to this extent….there is a frenetic energy that emanates from us.  This energy is unhealthy and as our bodies keep trying to tell us that we are running on empty….the tendency is to ignore the warning signs and push through.  At this point our body is over stimulated and our minds simply follow.

So if your day generally starts with you popping out of bed like a toaster as you reach for your phone…..there is a good chance that you are living from the outside – in.  You are accepting the external stimulus that keeps you running all the time…. and you have moved away from taking care of the temple of self.  You are saying yes, when you know you should be saying no…..and the only thing that stands between you living more authentically is your discomfort with discomfort.  We need to get over the fact that we will disappoint and learn to say no with grace and love.  So today instead of trying to prioritize your schedule….try scheduling your priorities.

Robin Sharma said “Learn to say no gracefully.   It is easier to say yes to every request on your time when the priorities of your life are unclear.  When your days are not guided by a rich and inspiring vision for your future, a clear image of an end result that will help you act more intentionally, it is not hard for the agendas of those around you to dictate your actions.  If your priorities don’t get scheduled into your planner, other peoples priorities will get put into your planner.  The solution is to be clear about your life’s highest objectives  and then to learn to say no with grace.”