Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach


If you want to feel better, and do better, then lift yourself up………….don’t tear others down in order to feel better.  If you have been taught to judge, to compare, and to take others down as a means to building yourself up then you have been taught by someone who does not love themselves enough to teach you loving ways.  We carry success or failure within ourselves.  It does not depend on outside conditions.  Success in someone else’s life does not hurt the chances for success in yours. Unless you allow envy and judgement to possess you and then those will turn on you.  Your success relies on you doing your inner work…..feeling worthy, feeling loved, you are then poised for glory.

All great ideas create conflict.  In other words, what you want to do in life will create challenges and criticism…….in fact every great idea and invention in our lifetime has been met with criticism and judgement…….and just below that, fear.  When fear takes over, we tend to lose ground rapidly and we will find ourselves in a prison of our own making.  Your foes and critics are rarely interested in solving the problems they perceive, and they never offer a better solution.  We can recognize failure by the way they criticize success.  Those who can do.  Those who can’t criticize.  So remember, criticism can be a compliment when you’re on the right track……and the only one you need to compare yourself to is you.  Be better today than you were yesterday…..that is loving self and that is so much better than envy…..because envy grabs at others and steals from itself.

Louise Hay said “Competition and comparison are two major stumbling blocks to your creativity.  Your uniqueness sets you apart from all others.  There has never been  another person like you since time began, so what is there to compare or compete with?  Comparison either makes you feel superior or inferior, which are expressions of your ego, your limited mind thinking.  If you are going to compare to make yourself feel better, then you are saying somebody else isn’t good enough.  If you put others down, you may think you will raise yourself up.  What you really do is put yourself in a position to be criticized by others.  We all do this on some level and it is good when we transcend it.”