Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Give yourself the gift of peace…….in a world that seems to spin faster than any of us can keep up with it.  It is so important to find a place where you can give yourself the gift of a few minutes of daily solitude.  A place where you can breathe, relax, and nurture your soul and spirit.  Pushing yourself….never stopping, never taking a break is a recipe for an energy meltdown.  We are not meant to run infinitely, we need to give our bodies and more importantly our minds a rest.  If your default is always set to fit in more work but your cannot seem to fit in more play.  If you notice the power bars on your phone more than you can sense the lack of power in your body, you are in overdrive.  Every part of you is screaming for rest, and relaxation.

If life has you so firmly in its grip… the point where you are always running……it’s time to acknowledge that life is running you, not the other way round.  The reality is if you don’t stop, everything will stop including you.  If you can’t seem to get it together… may be because you have given too much of yourself away.  It may also mean that you are at a point where you feel guilty about your desire to take care of yourself and honour yourself. The only way to stop the craziness….is to stop the craziness.  You have given others the power to make demands on your time.  So take that power back, establish boundaries, and start today with your favourite beverage, and peace and solitude as your company.  That is a gift that you should give yourself every day.  Because the quest for perfection……closes your heart and mind to the beauty around you.

Robin Sharma said “Find your place of Peace……everyone needs a sanctuary or a place of peace where they can go to be quiet and still.  This special place will serve as your oasis in a world of stress.  It will be a spot where you can take refuge from the crush of daily activities that demand your time, energy, and attention.  Carving out a little time for yourself is not a selfish act.  Replenishing your inner reserves allows you to give more, do more, and be more for others.  Making the time to care for your mind and spirit will keep you balanced, enthusiastic, and youthful.  You are as old as your doubt, your fear, your despair.  The way to keep young is to keep your faith young.  Keep your self-confidence young.  Keep your hope young.”