Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Always do your best…….learn to ask for and  receive help.  We have a lot on our plates…..we run busy homes, we work, we raise children, and we need time to play.  Too often we tell ourselves that the only way things will get done satisfactorily, is to do them ourselves.  The primary danger with this strategy is that we are not practicing self-care when we make a list of everything that must be done……and we aren’t even on the list.  We cannot manage all of our day-to-day, and honour our emotional and physical well-being at the same time.  The conditions in our life may be influential, but they are not immutable. We all need support and it is not weak to ask for it. On the contrary it is a sign of wellness when in reflection we can see our  out of control, need for control, and its impact on our life.

The need for control in every situation is a wake-up call to us.  We can’t achieve harmony in our lives, nor practice self-care  without the assistance of others.  Because you may have already noticed that the more you try to do everything…..the more exhausted and resentful you feel.  The more you honour your need for absolute control…..the more your relationships break down.  Asking for help may be easier than receiving help.  Especially if your need for control extends to “how things get done.”   If you ask for help and then criticize the help you get… will find yourself in a cycle of exhaustion. Until today, you may have been totally absorbed by the people, duties, responsibilities in your life….. and not looking out for you. So today,  delegate, appreciate, and be grateful for the help you get……then find a few moments to absorb yourself in yourself…….self care matters!

Cheryl Richardson said  ” My natural default is to want to be in charge by doing things myself.  And over time this “I’ll do it myself” mentality has turned into “Hi, I’m General Manager of the Universe, and you need to do this my way to keep me happy.”  What follows from there isn’t pretty.  Eventually I proudly wear the cloak of martyr, and everyone pays the price.  I get bitchy and resentful, and I end up feeling painfully alone.  If there’s one thing I’ve struggled with the most over the years as I’ve worked hard to become a more conscious woman, it’s asking for and receiving help. The quality of my life is directly related to the quality of how present I am to it.  The only way to create a successful life based on your values is to take your hands off the wheel.”