Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach


Always do your best…….love can only exist between equals.  If one person is trying to gain something from the other person, if one person believes they bring something to the relationship that the other lacks, if one person believes that their happiness is dependent on the other, the union is not grounded in love.  It is an arrangement that you are trying to make into love.  You will know you are in a loving relationship when you see the person exactly as they are and hold no grievances against them.  You love them just as they are and you are at peace with the differences that might exist between you. You love them unconditionally.

True love can only come with our ability to love ourselves unconditionally first.  You cannot give to anyone else what you cannot give to yourself.  Loving yourself is a core foundation to any successful relationship.  For the truth of love is that we do not complete each other….true love between equals means that you are strong independently……and that strength leads you to attract someone who is just as capable and confident as you are.  In these relationships we do not have to push the river…..we can be content to go with the flow and experience the simple joy of just being with someone. 

Iyanla Vanzant said “Love is simple……we make it hard with our trappings, expectations, and demands.  We make loving difficult, painful, hurtful and regrettable because we keep trying to figure out how to do love, give love, and to get loved right.  We place limits, restrictions and conditions on our loving and those we love.  Sometimes  it works.  Usually it doesn’t.  Then, when we don’t get the right kind of love, we feel hurt.  We blame love.  Love doesn’t hurt.  Falling into the traps we set to get and keep love makes us hurt ourselves.  You simply are love without demands and expectations or you will continue to fall into traps and hurt yourself because you fail to acknowledge yourself as the love you are trying to get right.”


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