Thought for the Day ~ By Lisa Scott Life Coach

Confucius say “He who chases two rabbits…..catches neither”

Always do your best………live each day to the fullest; and live it authentically.  There can be no reflection…..if there is no silence.  It is important to practice self-care and to create moments in which to find peace and stillness.  We need to turn off the noise so that we can just be for a few moments each day.  It is often in those moments,  that questions are answered…..and we are reminded of where to place our focus and attention.  We receive the gentle nudges to re-evaluate how we are spending our time…and we remember what we have forgotten, that we can say no, graciously.

Self-reflection can point you towards your passion. It can help you to sort through what counts and what doesn’t and it can redefine the things that you will dedicate your life to.  It’s like having a mission statement for your life. It doesn’t have to be complex….it can be a simple statement.  Mine is “Leave people better than you find them,” Disney’s was “Make people happy” When we know what we’re doing, when we know how we’re doing, and when we know where we’re going.  It is easy to filter the distractions… say no to the things that do not support our mission and to stop jumping from one thing to another in the hopes that changing our external experience will change the whispers…… honour your authenticity.  Your wellness depends on it.

Robin Sharma said “Sometimes we hear these whispers while we are experiencing silence – in meditation or another form of contemplation…and sometimes these calls come to us  in life’s most trying and seemingly hopeless moments, like when someone we love dies or when one of our dreams shatters.  The point of wisdom is simply pay attention and be aware of the inner voices that will lead you down the path of your destiny.  Listen to what your heart tells you to do and commit yourself to living out your destiny so you will leave a meaningful legacy.”